Franchise Your Business

Step 1:
Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The Federal Trade Commission requires that you have an FDD before you can offer franchises. We work with you to help determine all of the key elements of the offering.

Step 2:
Operations Manual

Our team will write your Operations Manual. The Manual includes all the day to day activities of running the franchise and is essential to successfully duplicate your concept and ensuring consistency from location to location.

Step 3:
Sales and Marketing

FDG works with you to develop a plan to bring your franchise to market. Factors in creating the plan include determining your ideal candidates, where you want to grow in terms of geography and how aggressively you want to grow the brand.

Step 4:
Becoming a Franchise Company

We’re there to support you as you transition into the role of franchisor. We provide guidance on everything from working with franchisees to selecting the right point of sale system, real estate agents, co-packers, PR firms, vendors and more.

Why Franchise?

  • Return on Investment

    Because franchising enables you to leverage the intellectual property you already have with someone else’s time and capital, franchising can yield a higher return on investment than opening more corporate locations

  • Better Service To Your Customers

    Most franchise locations are run by an owner rather than a manager. Since the owner has “skin in the game” they may be more motivated than an employee.

  • Innovation

    Franchisees can bring a wealth of new ideas to help boost sales or increase efficiency as they are motivated to make their business a success.

  • Increased Buying Power

    Increased buying power and brand awareness as a result of more locations being open

  • Residual Income

    Your franchisees typically pay you a royalty based on their gross sales on a weekly or monthly basis

  • Personal Satisfaction

    See the brand you created expand on a regional, national or international basis and from helping your franchisees become their own boss and begin to build their own wealth.

Industry Stats / News

  • There are over 759,000 franchise locations in the United States
  • Franchising employs over 8.1 million people in America
  • Franchise locations had approximately $757 Billion in sales in the U.S. in 2017

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ProMD Health has worked with Andy and his team since our inception, in 5 short years we have built a successful practice group that has enabled us to share the dream of entrepreneurship with fellow healthcare providers by allowing them to own their own clinics instead of being forced to give up their independence. We are making dreams come true and we now have franchises that are female owned, black owned, LGBTQ owned, veteran owned, and many more. None of this would have been possible without Franchise Development Group helping us to figure out initially how to make our dream a reality and their continued support to ensure we stay on the right track!

ProMD Health

"Craft Beer Cellar began working with Andy and his team at Franchise Development Group in 2012. Since working with them, we have awarded over 40 franchises and look forward to continued growth."

Suzanne Schalow

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